Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flower 'N' Glass

I am sure most of us have many crockery like these at home.

I love to buy these and stock. Not that i keep entertaining guests:-) just that i like the very look and shapes of these. Sometimes i wonder though why i go on these shopping spree when i see my delicate crockery just lying there in my crockery unit. I feel as though they are looking at me pathetically, cursing me:-(not to have given them a better chance in a better place..........

WELL WELL this was how i felt until i saw some of the works of my Friend AISHA . She has crafted many a pieces with these delicate crockery and is truly my inspiration. And now i have used many of my crockery but i still feel bad.........guess why???????????hmmmmmmmmmm

Because i cant find many when my guests turn up.....hahaha:-)


  1. hi veena
    fantastic wrk . superb..................keep doing

  2. veena these really look nice

  3. hi Veena,
    Always curious to see what your nimble fingers are upto. Very nice work!!

  4. love the roses :))))))fantastic....

  5. hi veena,
    really beautiful!!! feast for the eyes and shows the creative skill hidden in you. Great!!!

  6. hi seda
    thank you so much for appreciating

  7. hi sahana
    thanks for visiting, love your miniatures

  8. hi indu
    thanks so much. glad that you liked it

  9. hi rubina
    thank you so much for your continuous support