Monday, March 29, 2010



Last weekend my husband decided that we should go out for dinner ...We wanted to see the new mall AMPA MALL and off we went. My experience was sort of mixed. On reaching the gates of the mall we were very pleased to see that there was an Automatic display board which kept updating the vacant parking slots....something new to chennai, Automatic parking tickets again new to chennai...and we thought that IT IS SOO NICE:-), they have a huge parking bay. We were there at around 8 in the evening and i guess the people to monitor the parking were very hasseled with the crowd because it took a little time to park though there was enough vacant space. Shopping was a good experience always:-) and next we headed to the food court. It was crowded and my daughter ordered some food...IT WAS BAD..was it the choice of food or the time( was around 10 PM), i do not know but we all came out heavy hearted ..guess why????? well i was unhappy with the whole experience, my daughter with the dinner and my husband "WITH A LIGHTER WALLET" :) :-) because we made up for the bad dinner with more shopping...........
After this not so nice experience wanted to lift my spirits , and the best way was to do something creative and so decided to craft some cold porcelain carnations. When i finished crafting these flowers, I SMILED AND IT DID BRING SMILES ON MY HUSBAND'S FACE TOO:-)My daughter was too happy to take the pictures of these flowers

We all liked it, did u?????????

Friday, March 5, 2010



I guess most of us will know that these flowers made of stockings are used mostly as center pieces. When done with lot of colours we can make a good center piece. Most of the flowers can be replicated in stockings though we can never ever go anywhere near "THE CREATION".
Now to the discussion of flowers, i did make some flowers with long stalks. Not that i will intuitive enough to know i would be having a different use for it in the future, just that i had a taller vase:-). The other day while i was browsing the internet i found a video on you tube about this flower being used a s a napkin ring......... is what you see:-)

I tried to get the link for you all but am not able to find it anymore, dunno if it is removed by the author.will try to post the link as soon as i find it..that's a promise

After doing all this i thought i could do some and keep it as a gift so that its a pleasure to the one who receives it that it could be used as it not a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!