Monday, February 15, 2010


Its been a while that i have blogged here, got a little busy with things at home and i kept saying to myself and others that "I AM BUSY":-).This changed the other day..... wondering why??????????
Well well I had to buy supplies for my silk paintings and had been to my nearest pebeo dealer. He stacks almost all art supplies and while i was picking up the dyes i saw my gynecologist enter the shop. I was surprised. I wondered as to what a DOCTOR could possibly do in an art shop and told myself that she might have come down to buy something for her son.well! i just couldn't stop myself from blurting out"HI DR UMA! YOU PAINT AS WELL?" and the instant reply was "oh yeah! i do dabble". That made me think.....This person is a leading gynecologist and has a very busy schedule and if she can afford a little time for her hobbies, then............................
SO i immediately set to work and this is the creation inspired by doctor whose time management stunned me..

hmmmm i just am not ready to create a wooden photo frame so thought may be i will decorate one!!!!!!!!!:-)

The credit of taking the pictures goes to my daughter , she did it with lot of patience since it has a mirror, the first few pictures had her image as well but her persistence paid off:-)