Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flower 'N' Glass

I am sure most of us have many crockery like these at home.

I love to buy these and stock. Not that i keep entertaining guests:-) just that i like the very look and shapes of these. Sometimes i wonder though why i go on these shopping spree when i see my delicate crockery just lying there in my crockery unit. I feel as though they are looking at me pathetically, cursing me:-(not to have given them a better chance in a better place..........

WELL WELL this was how i felt until i saw some of the works of my Friend AISHA . She has crafted many a pieces with these delicate crockery and is truly my inspiration. And now i have used many of my crockery but i still feel bad.........guess why???????????hmmmmmmmmmm

Because i cant find many when my guests turn up.....hahaha:-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

small holders from scrap

After a great Pongal meal i am back to blogging:-)
well, i had some dough left , a little of all colors and i did not want to do flowers with the same colours. Well, my daughter came up with an idea to inspire me to do something different:-). she mixed up dough of three colours thinking that she would end up with a bright new colour, hmmmm...........what did we get????????????????///
"A DULL BROWN COLOUR".........and not it was her turn to sulk and my turn to pep her up,.So i decided to use it anyway and thus this creation.

Having done this we both felt we could experiment more and we successfully created these two holders as well.WE are very happy with the results.............

That's my pet SIMBA who refused to get out of the focus of the camera.....wants to be seen in the blogging world too:-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I had a good break from the routine yesterday........had a great day at Mahabalipuram.
It was a family get together with my husband's office colleagues.Was well organized and the fun part was at GRT TempleBay and the events that were organized were too good.
The event managers made sure that the child in everyone came OUT. WELL, well mine did :-)
hmmm so, i am back with a new jest and vigour and today i am posting a few candle stands that i made for my friends this Christmas.
It's fun doing these candle holders as it gives space to my creativity.
Have a look and enjoy your visit here.